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Alabamusic media, is a renowned and trusted firm known for music promotion, birthed in the early 20s.

As the best and most credible brand, we have recorded over 100 million monthly site views, have over 500,000 Mixtape streams on audiomack, we sell about 5,000 CD mixtapes weekly.

As one of the most reliable music promotion industries, we have promoted thousands of artistes, and massively pushed their music to the mainstream media using both analog and digital means alongside our persuasive marketing strategies, both in Nigeria and abroad.

We work with highly intellectual industry experts to achieve one aim, which is “your fame”.

Our Artistes are paid for promoting their songs with us on each download count. We also help them collaborate with their favorite Artistes through our connection.

  1. Aside from music promotion, Alabamusic renders the following services;

    👉Youtube ads & monetization

    👉Tiktok promotion

    👉Google ads and verification

    👉Audiomack promotion /top playlist

    👉Digital distributions & promotion

    👉Music video ads and video shoot

    👉Business registration and promotion

    👉Professional article writing & publication, business plan, proposal writing, resume, landing page, company profile and public speaking.

    👉Website design, graphic design & printing, full SEO optimization & App creation.

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IG: @alabamusics

TW: @alabamusic_tv

FB: @alabamusicworldwide

Youtube: AlabaMusic Tv

Call/Whatsapp (+2348108604073)