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Buhari expresses pride in his legacy of “ fighting corruption “



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              By Blessing Adehi

President Muhammadu Buhari has said he is happy to leave office in 2023 with a bequest and a status of an anti-corruption zealot.

He also pledged to assist efforts to eliminate corruption in Nigeria and across Africa regardless of his position in or out of office.

He spoke in his recorded remarks played at an anti-corruption forum co-organised by the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) and other anti-corruption agencies in Abuja on Thursday.

The occasion was organized to mark the 6th African Union (AU) Day of Anti–Corruption in commemoration of the adoption of the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption (AUCPCC).

It had the theme, ‘Strategy and Mechanisms for the Transparent Management of Covid-19 Funds, Lessons from the Pandemic’.

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Mr. Buhari reiterated his avowed detestation of corruption and decision to rid the country of graft, while expressing his satisfaction in his “legacy of fighting corruption”.

“Distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen we must continue to fight for the benefit of the present and future generations. Our youths have nowhere to go and live with dignity but in Africa. As I am leaving office next year, I am proud to leave behind a legacy of fighting corruption among others.

“I abhor corruption and I will render my best in or out office to get rid of corruption in Nigeria and Africa in general. I impulse our youths to join me in this noble cause. My fellow African leaders let us work together at whatever level to get rid of corruption in Africa“.

“Posterity will judge us right if we deal with corruption as appropriate. It is imperative to kill corruption in Nigeria and Africa. It will give our citizens a better life,” the president said.

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While Mr Buhari acknowledged that the battle against corruption has not been easy, he stated that much work is to be done in the areas of asset rehab, prosecution, conviction, and arrest as well as anti-corruption laws.

“I must admit that the fight has not been a bed of roses. Truly, a lot more work on many fronts is required. For example, civil and public servants must be ethical and professional at all times. The private sector must contribute to curbing corruption.

“The international community needs to close safe oases. The judiciary requires more impetus. Perhaps, an International Anti-corruption criminal Court is needed. Family and religious values have to be upgraded, and schools have a lot of work to do for a better society,” Mr Buhari said.

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Mr Buhari, who raised the hope of many Nigerians about his resolve to tackle corruption and its attendant problems with his mantra, “Corruption will kill Nigeria if Nigeria does not kill corruption,” in his inauguration speech in 2015, is generally believed to have performed below expectations in that regard.

President Buhari maintained on Thursday that the fight against corruption must be sustained in Africa for the advantage of present and future generations.

“Our youths have no place to go and live with dignity but in Africa. As I am leaving office next year, I am proud to leave behind a legacy of fighting corruption among others,” he said.

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