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Captain John - I am That Iam

Captain John – I am That Iam

The most anticipated song from Captain John is finally unveiled with the Title: I am That Iam

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Captain John – I am That Iam Lyric

I go worship my God,
i no go denge-pose×2 For my God.
he has done me well, why I no go worship him
and praise him with my song,
even when I was in my mother’s womb,
He love me,and die for me,
he knows me gwum,
and na my God bigger pass all of them,
forever and ever and even more,
So let know why you no go join me,
and praise him lift him higher,
because amka kpija nyadam mwuowa,
Domu bwo olorun gbega gbega,
agaba-idu agama trugimma,ehh chineke idinma oh idinma,
ubeingige keikeidayisayabo,


(hook bridge)
maikona praise him, praising the lord,
magnify him, hallelujah,
fire him×2, every praise,
Oh go fire him every praise,
from West East and North South

ajige maga God,alpha and Omega king,
ohimini yatata, yiminiyimini yatata,
ajigejige maga God, I am that I am,
omini-science lord Jehovah potential ruler, ohimini yatata, yimini yimini yatata
(hook)”ehe aha,

magnify him, praising×2 the lord,
praising×2 the Lord,
makuna×3make way×3 for the agbada-gbururu×3 yingene oringene×2 amka mwu,
hohea Adam (ole~efu ohea)×2,
mekuna come see danfo driver with heavenly, language,
(hook)”ehe aha,

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ajige maga God, alpha and Omega King,
ohimin yata yimini yimini yatata,
ajigejige maga God, I am that I am
Omini-science lord,Jehovah potential ruler,
ohimini yatata yimini yimini yatata.

he’s the alpha and Omega
the beginning and the end,
kings of kings and lord of lords,
me I go praise my god oh,
lift him higher higher,
me i go lift him higher higher,

glorifying him, magnify him,
praising praising the lord,
bouncy-bounce in the Lord,
I go the lift him higher higher,
and give him all the praise his the Lord
I go praise you till thy kingdom come,
I go Dey shakiti Bobo with my azonto dance
to make him move,
I go Dey shoki, shaku shaku,
I go Dey denge post pose,
bouncy bouncy in the Lord,
makata makata for him,
oh makata because he’s the Lord almighty,
he will never fail, he has never fail me,
he will remain the same he will never fail you

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ajige maga God,
alpha and Omega king
ohimini yatata, yimini yimini yatata
ajigejige maga God i am that i am
Omini-science lord,jehova potential ruler
Ohimini yatata yimini yimini yatata,
( Hook)
ehe aha…..……..

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