Falz ft Kamo Mphela x Mpura x Niniola x Sayfar – “Squander (Remix)” AlabaMusic
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Falz ft Kamo Mphela x Mpura x Niniola x Sayfar – “Squander (Remix)”

Falz ft Kamo Mphela x Mpura x Niniola x Sayfar – “Squander (Remix)”

Falz ft Kamo Mphela x Mpura x Niniola x Sayfar – “Squander (Remix)”Falz ft Kamo Mphela x Mpura x Niniola x Sayfar – “Squander (Remix)”

Falz, Kamo Mphela, Mpura and Niniola all joined forces for “Squander (Remix)”.

Multi-talented music act, Falz after teaming up with the Queen of Afrohouse, Niniola for “Squander”, Recruit Amapiano artistes, Kamo Mphela and Mpura for the hit song Remix.

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Kamo Mphela is a South African dancer turned musician who became an internet sensation after she posted a video of her dancing on her social media account. She is the featured voice and dancer behind the Amapiano hit songs Sukendleleni and Labantwana Ama Uber.

Kamo is riding on her new found fame as the queen of the dancefloor with her sleek moves. Her unique dance moves have gained her popularity and have fans keep raving about her.

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Mpura is also a South African artiste with good Amapiano vibes and the last foreign individual, Sayfar is a South African Born Dance Music Producer.

On this Squander Remix Produced by; Daniel Williams Shekwoyemi & Nhlawulo Election Metileni, The South African trio guest made Magic with Falz and Niniola, Created A Dance Amapiano Track that would run through body system.

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Listen and Enjoy below.

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