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How To Make More Money From Your Music In Nigeria



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How To Make More Money From Your Music In Nigeria

Carefully read this to get the details…

Yea! We pay to encourage every up and coming artistes/Djs using for promotion.

To minitor your Downloads, We’ll initiate Download count on your post which would be visible to all… And every number of Download gained will be paid for.


20k download counts for 20k Naira (you can be paid in Dollar or any other currencies equivalent rate to the amount in Naira) we pay 2 times to what YouTube could pay you

Our promo price still remain intact, 10k for upload as usual.

📌 Remember: we could effectively create and set up a digital distribution account for your song with a company that can pay you 100% royalty. This would help in making more money and protect your copy rights.

📍Our Mixtape promotion
We would feature your song and picture on every of our Mixtapes. Our Mixtapes is are promoted worldwide on CDs, Digital stores and on top websites for fast and easy circulations.

Massive promotion
We share your songs and videos among top bloggers like Tunde Ednut IG and other top Sites. This massive promotion help in making your song go viral within a week Maximum.

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Give us a try today and you will see how massive we can push your song to the street within a limited time. At AlabaMusic Media "Your Fame Our Aim!"