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JoshIgwe Interview with AlabaMusic

JoshIgwe Biography Interview with AlabaMusic

JoshIgwe Biography Interview with AlabaMusic

JoshIgwe Biography Interview with AlabaMusic

1. How did you know about Alabamusic? I was introduced through Jworld Ent who was promoting my music.

2. How would you describe the music that you create? A fusion between afrobeats and psychedelic rock. i called it Afropsych and its aim is mind expansion through sound.

3. What is your creative process like? first i start by researching on interesting topics for example magic. then i write poems then compose the instrumental. the poems later serve as lyrics for the music.

4. If you’re to open a show for any artist, who will it be? International: Tame Impala. Locally: Burna Boy & Wizkid.

5. While growing up, did you ever dream of becoming an artist? Yes i was a visual artist when i was younger and even though i thought becoming an artist would be impossible in Nigeria. i fantasized about being a cartoonist.

6. Can you remember the first song you wrote? And at what age? The first song i wrote was in Jss1 and its in a diary i still keep.

7. How long have you been in music? Ive been playing music since Jss1 but I’ve been producing for 6 years.

8. What inspired you? God, Life, experiences and most importantly the possibility of creating new things.

9. What experience do you have that will be useful or relevant to Alabamusic? A lot, im an educated creative technologist so im involved in digital design, game design, programming, coding art etc. as well as my spiritual research and musical production skills. Basically i try to infuse all mediums of art and intellectuality into my work.

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10. Do you really enjoy making songs? I enjoy making songs. Especially when i have those transcendental moments where time doesn’t exist and i don’t feel bound by human limitations.

11. Your greatest challenge? My greatest challenge is getting more people on board with my ideas. I want so see a better, more enlightened Nigeria but am afraid most people look to music as a medium to party and bop their head. I wish more Nigerians will be able to explore and discover more parts of life. It’s also a reflection of our society, we’re most people are focused on survival and working i feel mind expanding content can help alleviate their struggle.

12. Will you encourage others to go into music? And why? i will only encourage those who are interested to follow music. Everyone has their calling and they should not waste their time on something they’re not passionate about.

13. Which of your songs do you love most? My favourite song right now is Spiritualism from my featured artist RGN Raf to the mix and mastering from Jstudio. I love the way i produced it but more than that is the lyricism and they way i arranged the story on the track; i think its very insightful.

14. What is the inspiration for your lyrics? My lyrics firstly come from my experiences in life. I enjoy turning the event in my life whether good or bad into artistic stories. Secondly they come from esoteric high dimensional places.

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15. If you could collaborate with any musician, who will you choose and why? I would collaborate with Australian producer Kevin Parker because i connect more to music (with his psych rock style) and he’s a genius with his production. I think we would make earth shattering music.

16. What’s your favourite show or Event? My favourite show right now is Entourage.

16. Your hobby? my hobbies include hanging out with friends. making art. making music. researching.

17. What do you do for fun outside music? I hang out with friends and try new things.

18. Your dream record label? i don’t have a dream record label but i admire virgin records, Mavin records, interscope and Deject Jams.

19. Where can people find you on social media? @_joshigwe on Instagram

20 Where can your fans listen and download your songs? Search Joshigwe XTC, my music is out on all platforms!

21. What got you into music? I joined the school choir in Jss1 to get close to a girl i had a crush on. Lol also cus i had an interest in music.

22. What message do you have for your fans? If you support me, believe in yourself look inwards to discover what God has destined for you and when you find it hold on and never let go.

23. Do you sing in the shower? what song? I always make new songs in the shower. its my favourite place to sing haha.

24. What would you be doing now if not for music? I am also a digital designer and developer so i would be working with computers and developing new digital forms of expression.

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25. Where have you performed? Ive performed my music once in a Toronto apart from that I’ve performed in church and school.

26. Do you have any upcoming show? For now no.

27.Is there anything else you would like us to talk about? I just want to get my message out there to as many Nigerians as i can. We are the hope and we can realize our dreams if we truly believe.

28. How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business? The internet has really helped me in these times. Its a major platform for me to reach new listeners while i’m making connections in the real world. I would be really handicapped without the internet because its harder for me to meet new people due to covid and due to lack of networking opportunities. But so far I’ve reached a good target audience and met more people who think like me.

29. What is your favourite song to perform? don’t know yet

30. Which famous musician do you admire? Kevin parker, Felafels Kuti, Jimi Hendrix, William Onyeabor

31. If you could change anything about the industry, what could that be? no sure

32. What’s next for you? Im trying to start working on a monster music video that will change the Nigeria video scene. Aswell as tangible merchandise from the album for supports. After that more creative projects!!!

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