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N Drex Interview with Alabamusic Media

N drex Biography

N drex Biography

N Drex Interview with Alabamusic Media

Interview with Alabamusic Media

  1. N drex: Can we meet you

Yeah, my name is Nathaniel Osimen, know as N Drex, from Edo State..Born and brought up in Lagos State.


  1. What inspired you?

Fela actually inspired me…to the little I knew about him,I noticed he was a man of confidence, he doesn’t care if you like is music or you don’t, he just keep pushing forward…and I believe that’s the spirit.🌈🌤️


  1. Do you really enjoy making songs?

Yes I enjoy making songs a lot


  1.  What has your experience with jworld be like 

I had a great experience with j world, is a unique one, if j world can invest in upcoming artist,it will help j world to be number one music studio in Nigeria.


  1. How would you describe the music that you create?

My music in my view can be expressed in this way…

1) I put my music in context of what my fans are familiar with already, such as genres and style,and merge it with concept that are active and vibrant ,if they listen to the song vibes and listen carefully to the lyrics of the music ..and its making sense to fit in the beat ,that would charge their spirit up to wanting to know more about the genius behind the beat.

So I would describe my music as a special present, because its a pack of melody given out for the world to hear,but with the choices of the people taking it or leaving it. I mostly sing my song in an inspirational way,cause everyone listening, must have a particular soft spot for a particular music. My type of music I believe stems up the mind of individuals… Pls keep listening🤪

  1. What is your creative process like?
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My creative process when writing songs, is me always fitting into the beat first, and perfecting strong word of what my music lovers would like, thinking of the rhythm and lyrics that freaks the mind of my fans.


N drex Biography

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  1. If you’re to open a show for any artist, who will it be?

About opening a show,I really don’t know for now😁😁


  1. While growing up, did you ever dream of becoming an artist?

Yeah at the age of 7 I dreamt seeing myself on stage with magic piano and guitar playing by themselves and I was singing attracting many butterflies to myself…it was kinda funny then… but now I have come to get a complete meaning about that dream.


  1. Can you remember your first song you wrote? And at what age?

I wrote my first song at the age of 10, I used the tune of an intro song of a cartoon called gommithi..and converted it to my own song with a different lyrics.🤓 and normally sings it at night when bored ,and my siblings dances to it😍😍


  1. How long have you been in music?

I have been in music for almost a long time now, but haven’t sang a lot on the studio…to the hearing.


  1. Your greatest challenge

My greatest challenge is picking up many complaints from my fans


  1. Will you encourage others to go into music?  And why

will encourage only the one’s willing to sing and have that zeal for music. because music is something that can’t be forced but only by choice.

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  1. Which of your songs do you love most?

There is one of my song with a very tight inspiration, but I haven’t sanged it yet to the hearing..coming soon


  1. What is the inspiration for your lyrics?

The inspiration for my lyrics is according to the way life goes..


  1. If you could collaborate with any musician, who will you choose and why?

I am thinking of collaborating with davido in one of my music yet to come titled “cash mi ”

I intend of collaborating with davido on that song. because that song is talking about making of hits and before making it.


  1. What’s your favourite show or Event?

Concert shows


  1. Your Hobby

My hobby is to sing and rap, if I don’t sing for a day,I could get sick.


  1. What do you do for fun outside music?

Outside music I love to craft art.


  1. Your dream record label

My dream record label: Wishes to be a 30bg new signee.


  1. What got you into music?

Life got me into music


  1. How did you know about Alabamusic?

I got to know about alaba music, because it is a free and very entertaining website ,with good promotion of music, afrobeats,❣️celebrity news , and other entertaining trending stuff.. its a very cool and famous website to be known.


  1. What message do you have for your fans?

Just keep breathing peeps🍒 one in a million love to y’all… like ice cream😄🍦 just keep chilling✊✊one luv

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  1. Do you sing in the shower? what song?

I sing in the shower alot , lol 😆😆 surprisedly I got most of my inspiration from the shower….


  1. What would you be doing now if not for music?

I would be playing a video game 😁


N Drex ft HoodX- Bless My Hustle

  1. Where have you performed?

An entertainment concert called “Terminal in Edo state.


  1. Do you have any upcoming show.

Yes I do


  1. Is there anything else you would like us to talk about?

No not really


  1. How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

The internet is really assisting music business alot..because it easier faster and mostly what the world is into right now…everyone’s on the internet.


  1. What is your favourite song to perform?

One of my favorite song for me to perform right now, if I were to perform is “bless my hustle” that song gives me joy👊


  1. Which famous musician do you admire?

I admire burna boy alot, he got that afro vibe, you can’t ignore….no matter what 🤭


  1. If you could change anything about the industry, what would that be?

If I am to change anything in the music industry, I tend to change the view towards the way music goes, and brings out something different to the people ,something they haven’t heard before.


  1. What’s next for you?

The future is next for me… And what am about to accomplish.


  1. Your greatest challenge 🤓

My greatest challenge is dropping down the mic.


  1. How do you want your fans to contact you?


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